Horizon House – Fort Lee, NJ

Project Overview

Industrial Combustion Associates is provide reliable steam heating to Horizon House in Fort Lee, NJ with QTY 2x 500HP field-erect Scotch Marine boilers and QTY 2x Industrial Combustion power burners.

These Industrial Combustion burners are configured for flue gas recirculation or “FGR” in order to reduce the levels of pollutants (e.g. NOx) from combustion.  The FGR system siphons a small amount of inert combustion gas exiting the boiler and reinjects this into the combustion process which cools the flame temperature, reducing the formation of NOx pollutants in the process.

Latest Projects

Scotch Marine boilers
Roosevelt Middle School

Industrial Combustion Associates, in partnership with Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation, provided two field-erect Scotch Marine boilers with ST Johnson power

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