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ICA has been serving the NJ area with expert boiler solutions and whole lifecycle support for more than half a century. We have extensive experience with all types of hot water and steam boilers.

We are the go-to source for field erect boiler services in NJ.

We employ a team of in-house engineers and technicians who can support you at every step of your project.

We provide full lifecycle boiler services from initial system design and installation support to commissioning, preventative maintenance, and emergency service.

What We Can Do For You


Complete Lifecycle Support

Sizing & Design

We employ in-house boiler engineers with decades of combined industry experience. ICA Experts know the boiler installation process and can help tailor a boiler size and design solution to meet your requirements.

On-site Installation Support

ICA Engineers and Technicians work with you to make sure all hot water heaters and steam boilers are field inspected and ready. ICA provides on-site startup and commissioning services to make sure you have everything works to specification.

Maintenance & Service

Once your project is completed, we are your one-stop maintenance and service provider for the life of your equipment. That includes basic preventive maintenance, annual cleanings, and even 24/7 emergency hot water heater and boiler service in NY and NJ.

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Hot water boilers

Hot Water Boilers

ICA provides commercial hot water boiler solutions from four of the top names in the industry. We are proud to partner with Patterson-Kelley, Parker, Novatherm, and DeDietrich to supply both condensing and non-condensing hot water boilers.

Patterson-Kelley is one of the most reputable names in commercial heating and gas solutions. 

Every Patterson-Kelley hot water boiler is designed to fit through standard commercial doorways for easy installation. PK boilers can also be run in sequence to increase your heating capabilities.

Parker hot water boilers are designed for ultimate simplicity. These boilers have simple controls with no FGR fan or valve.

Parker offers low NOx and low CO hot water boilers. These models use a burner bed of heavy duty premix metal fiber burners with modulating variable speed blowers. This combination lowers your energy costs as well as your emissions.

Novatherm offers a wide range of highly efficient hot water boilers. 

For maximum efficiency, we recommend Novatherm electric boilers. Select models can achieve greater than 99% efficiency. These boilers also eliminate the need for gas piping and venting so your installation costs are lower.

DeDietrich commercial hot water boilers are smart, efficient, and versatile. They can easily be equipped to run on a range of fuels.

DeDietrich offers its excellent Diematic boiler control module on select boiler models. This smart module gives you advanced control over your boiler circuits. Additionally, the latest Diematic Evolution module comes equipped with Bluetooth for remote boiler adjustment.

Commercial Steam Boilers

ICA can provide commercial steam boilers from top manufacturers including Industrial Steam Boilers, Parker, and Novatherm.

Industrial Steam offers steam boilers with steel Scotch marine combustion systems. These are well-suited to low-pressure steam applications. 

Industrial Steam boilers are pre-packaged, piped, and wired for easy installation. Every model is compatible with multiple fuel and burner types.

Parker steam boilers feature the Parker Atmospheric Burner System. This ensures high combustion efficiency and uniform heat distribution. 

Parker steam boilers are also available with heavy duty metal fiber burners and modulating blower mixers. These features give you precise combustion control and extremely low NOx and CO emissions. 

Novatherm boilers are some of the most innovative in the industry with unique features that provide superior heat transfer and water circulation. 

Novatherm also offers a line of electric steam boilers with zero emissions. These boilers have no moving parts, a small footprint, better than 99% efficiency, and high turndown as low as 1% MCR.

Industrial Steam Boilers

NJ Field Erect Boilers Experts

#1 NJ Field Erect Boiler Expert

ICA is the go-to source for specialized installations, we can provide field erect boiler services in NJ and NY. A field erect boiler is manufactured by our suppliers but not assembled. Each component is shipped individually to your location for on-site assembly.

Field erected boilers are often the best solution when your application has difficult access or special requirements.

At ICA, we have knowledgeable engineers on-staff who can recommend the right solution for your needs. Our in-house engineers can design your complete field erect boiler solution to your exact specifications. They will work with you directly to make sure that your specific project requirements are met.

Why Field Erect Boilers?

Field erected boilers are the best solution if your application has unique requirements or especially difficult access. With a field erect boiler, the entire system is fabricated piece by piece then shipped to your location for on-site assembly and installation.

Sizing and Design

At ICA, we are NJ experts in field erect boiler design and engineering. Our dedicated in-house team of engineers will work with you from day one to come up with a boiler design that suits your exact specifications.

Installation Support

Once on-site at your location, ICA will work with installers and certified boiler welders OR provide the service required for final assembly. Once this is completed, your field erect boiler is ready for final inspection and commissioning.

Burner Solutions

ICA provides industry leading burner solutions such as Industrial Combustion Burners to bring your entire heating system to life.

Our Burner Experts can help build a boiler, burner, and control solution to make sure your system is safe and optimized for efficiency. 

It is critically important that all potential safety concerns with burners are monitored by safety devices.

Our solutions can safely shut off burners immediately upon any of the following: 

  • Low water level
  • High water level
  • High steam pressure
  • Ignition Failure
  • Safety Requirements Specified by You


ICA can provide any part for your burner application. We specialize in field conversions.

Let our experts help you navigate the complex boiler, burner, and control roadmap to find the right solution for your school, facility, or building. 

St Johnson Burner
ICA Steam Boiler NJ

Steam & Condensate
Parts and Accessories

ICA can supply a wide range of steam parts and accessories from manufacturers including Industrial Steam Boilers, Parker, and Novatherm. 

ICA can supply a wide range of steam parts and accessories from manufacturers including Industrial Steam Boilers, Parker, and NovathermWe provide complete steam boiler solutions and accessories to complete your boiler installation.

Some of the many steam boiler accessories include Automatic Surface Blowdown, Blowdown Tanks, Blowdown Separators, Automatic Blowdown Cooling Assembly, Compound Feeders, Water Softeners, Boiler Feed Systems, Condensate Tanks and Pressurized or Atmospheric Deaerators from Industrial Steam, Parker and Novatherm from 3 HP – 1,200 HP.

Control Solutions

ICA carries combustion control solutions from top manufacturers including Siemens Combustion Controls, Fireye, Honeywell, and Heat-Timer for new equipment or retrofit existing equipment.

Siemens Combustion Controls (SCC) systems offer simple installation, easy programming, and precise control over your combustion process. With proper setup, SCC control systems can even improve your burner performance and efficiency.

Siemens Combustion Controls offers total boiler control solutions including the LMV3 and LMV5 Linkageless Burner Management Systems. SCC also offers its proprietary Siemens Electronic Water Level Control System for consistent water level management.

Fireye supplies a range of flame safeguard control systems including BurnerPRO and BurnerLogix Y models. These solutions ensure proper burner sequencing, ignition, and continuous flame monitoring. 

The advanced Fireye BurnerLogix model is even able to learn the characteristics of the fuel being burned and optimize detection under all conditions thanks to built-in algorithms and parallel positioning. The NXF-4000, Nexus PPC4000, and Nexus NX6100 provide increased efficiency as well as reduced fuel consumption, emissions, and downtime.

Honeywell manufactures advanced burner control units including the 7800 Series, Controlinks, and SLATE linkageless modulation.

Heat-Timer offers one of the largest lines of automated combustion control systems in the world. These systems are designed to cut down on your fuel costs as much as possible while maintaining comfortable heating and maximum boiler lifespan. 

Heat-Timer control systems can provide wireless boiler control and monitoring from computers and mobile devices. They can control multiple steam or hot water boilers at once. These solutions can even be integrated with any BMS/EMS solution.

Patterson-Kelley offers the NURO Touch Screen Control System with the most intuitive interface in the industry. Designed to maximize efficiency and easily monitor combustion and ignition of boilers. Provides safe, efficient, and trusted boiler performance.

Controls Nuro Fireye Siemens

Expert Industrial & Commercial Hot Water Boiler Services

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Top Rated NJ Boiler / Burner Experts

ICA is a full lifecycle combustion solutions provider. We can provide expert services at every stage of your equipment lifecycle.

The whole lifecycle services we provide begin before the equipment is even delivered to your location. We work with you throughout the process to ensure you boiler meets your requirements.

From there, we are with you at every stage of your project. We can provide on-site installation support from pre-installation field surveys to installation oversight at your location. We also specialize in boiler commissioning and start-up.

Once your system is operational, we can provide in-house efficiency optimization to make sure your boiler is providing peak performance with the lowest possible fuel costs. 

We also offer a range of maintenance and boiler cleaning services. From standard preventive maintenance to annual cleanings, our in-house technicians will help you extend the life of your equipment as long as possible.

In the event of equipment failures, we also offer 24/7 emergency service in the NY / NJ area. Our technicians are available anytime if you need urgent assistance. We can have a team at your location faster than any of the competition.

NJ Commercial Boiler Experts

Let our team build a custom boiler, burner, and control solution for your facility.