Suez Water Treatment Plant

Suez Water Treatment Plan Boiler

Project Overview

Industrial Combustion Associates is proud to provide reliable hydronic heating to the Suez Water Treatment Plant in Haworth, NJ with QTY 2x Patterson-Kelley MACH C1050 high efficiency Cast Aluminum condensing boilers with 10:1 mechanical turndown!

Many competitors advertise “O2 Trim” as a solution to offer high turndown without sacrificing efficiency at low firing rates, but this O2 feedback technology is the equivalent of driving a vehicle while looking in the rearview mirror.  Patterson-Kelley’s combination of the zero-governor gas valve and variable aperture shutter controls the air/gas mixture on the fly as it enters combustion, effectively driving the vehicle while looking through the windshield for significant improvements in operating efficiency and reliability!

Patterson-Kelley MACH® high efficiency condensing boilers with 10:1 mechanical turndown.

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